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Misconceptions that the general public has of SHINee: Minho said everyone always feels that Onew-hyung is soft/gentle but actually Onew-hyung has a very manly side.

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prince jinki i see your precious lil heart

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remember when…

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A wonderful analogy.

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Ke$ha- Die young (Deconstructed)

okay guys, ke$ha is already great because she’s a parody artist, but.

has anyone listened to this?

it’s probably the most beautiful and sad pop song i’ve heard in a while.

this isn’t ke$ha, it’s kesha.

whenever someone uses die young for characters who die…young, i think they should use this version instead because ouch feels 


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Has anyone else noticed how Jonghyun has two moles at the side of his neck that looks like a vampire bite?


maybe Dracula oppa has already bitten him

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