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Tell me which of these you think I would be if I were in a idol.

• Leader.
• Main Vocalist.
• Lead Vocalist.
• Main Dancer.
• Lead Dancer.
• Main Rapper.
• Lead Rapper.
• Maknae.
• Visual.
• The one in charge of aegyo.
• The one in charge of languages.
• Appa/Eomma of the group.
• 4D member of the group.
• Shikshin of the group.

You can pick more than one. Main, is obviously the main. And lead is more like the back-up. 

@realjonghyun90: 연습전셀카(2) [selca before practice]

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oh really taemin..

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23/ of favourite jinki's fancams 

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Taemin 'Danger' Dance Practice

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30. Does everyone deserve a second chance? 

I used to be a strong believer of second chances, but I guess it really depends on what the case is. So no, not everyone deserves a second chance. 

thanks for asking! :D

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Celestial Lunar Oracle ring with deeply antiqued sterling silver, white topaz accent.

really want to buy you this ring

I rly need this omg

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The kardashians watching Beyoncé all salty cuz they have no talent.

Like why were they even there?

Their family is full of successful business women who are mothers, managers, television hosts, models, and video game producers. Just because they can’t sing or dance does not mean they don’t have talent.



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